29 September 2006

Fresh from the WTF file

I've always been wary of the many former players who now make their living as columnists and commentators. It isn't that they don't know they game, because they do; its more about how they present it to us. Cris Carter, former wide receiver, writes:
In the past, the Vikings always had wide receivers that were threats in the red zone. And then you had Daunte Culpepper who was a triple threat to hand off, throw or run the ball.
Are you kidding me? This is just silly writing. Any quarterback should be able to throw the ball, that's his job, not a threat. Over his career, Culpepper has rushed for about 30 yards a game and accumulated 30 rushing touchdowns. So I'll give him that one. And handing the ball off? Since when is handing off the ball to a running back considered a worthy "threat"?

Instead of desperately trying to find ways to fit exotic words like "triple threat" into your writing, just stick with the facts.
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