09 September 2006

Insomnia? Read a book

I left work early last night because neither SIPR nor NIPR was working (since then both fixed), but I couldn't sleep. I usually read a book for an hour or so and that's usually enough to put me to sleep (it's not as if the books are boring, though!). I couldn't sleep though, so I kept reading, and reading. Then I turned the lights out and tried to sleep, but couldn't. I got up and continued reading the book, The Second Chair by John Lescroart, which is another of the Dismas Hardy/Abe Glitzsky series (Tracy's mom was kind enough to send 4 more of Lescroart's books).

Still not able to sleep (it was now about 0400), I showered and shaved (figuring to save time for later) and then finished the book by 0600. Off to breakfast, which I almost never do (yes, bad me). I finally slept after breakfast from about 0630 until 1130 (of course now that I want to stay up for the Penn State game, I'm tired).

I guess it helps to have a page-turner when you can't sleep (or, did the page-turner not allow me to sleep? Interesting question). I finished off this book in one night, so I expect the others to be quick reads as well.
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