03 September 2006

Penn State postgame

A few final thoughts...

Having a computer-savvy wife is very nice! We have TV tuner cards on the computers at home, so you can watch TV from the computer. It also means you can select a channel (in this case, ESPN2), run the cable signal through Windows Media Encoder, and broadcast it over the Internet (to Iraq, for example). The result: I was able to watch the game while I worked using a surprisingly low amount of bandwidth.

My son went to the game with our neighbor and (predictably) came back soaked. The rain was supposed to let up around game time, but the system appeared to stall and continue to dump rain on State College for most of the game.

Last year, everyone looked forward to seeing the new freshmen play. This year, it seemed they would be absent, and they were no where to be found on the depth charts. However, A.J. Wallace returned two kickoffs for 94 yards and added another 42 yards on a reverse; not bad for his first game! Chris Bell also made a nice catch in traffic over the middle for a 19 yard gain. He has size (6-2), the one thing Penn State's receiving corps was missing.

Penn State played some 3-4 defense. With a deep linebacker corps and a thin defensive line, this was expected, despite the fact that JoePa claimed the defense would stick with the 4-3. The beneficiary was Sean Lee, a talented sophomore who played quite a bit.

Non-believers (people who picked against Penn State): Mark May (ESPN). Any others?

Notre Dame barely beat Georgia Tech last night, 14-10 (and did not cover the spread, as I picked). That's right, the supposed #2 team barely beat unranked Georgia Tech. ND was almost held scoreless in the first half. With a strong defensive effort and fixing a few stupid mistakes on offense, Penn State can definitely win next week.
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