13 September 2006

Top signs you know you are a Penn State fan

From Scott Moskovitz, a BlueWhiteIllustrated.com Staff Writer at Rivals.com:

Doesn't this time of the year just seem better than any other?

Sure baseball is fun but 162 games seems a tad too long for my taste, and seeing the manager squeeze his body into a real uniform (despite the fact that they're the only coaches of any sport to do so) can be quite unpleasant.

That's why football fans are a different breed. Each Monday during the season they spend more time deciding what will be on their tailgating menu than what they are going to have for dinner for the entire week.

But that's what's great about football. Sun, wind, rain or snow, you know that the weather isn't going to prevent you from screaming your lungs out for three straight hours.

So without further ado, here are the top 10 signs you know the Penn State football season is about to begin:

10. You once again realize that there hasn't been a time you've driven to State College where Interstate 80 hasn't been "currently under construction."

9. You don't look twice when you see a 70-year-old man wearing twice as many blue and white buttons as you've seen on one person previously in your entire life.

8. When the person next to you has his cell phone go off and you instantly start jumping up and down to his Zombie Nation ring tone. (Which by the way I think it's time to change the movement to the "Beaver Bounce" in order to make it a signature move of Happy Valley. Yes, I'll seek the copyright if the term catches on.)

7. Judy from Muncy once again enters your vocabulary.

6. You've told everyone from your son/daughter, husband/wife, father/mother, friend/enemy, and dog/cat how Penn State could play in the National Championship game this season if a couple of things go right.

5. You've changed your five basic food groups to ribs, wings, blue cheese, celery and (enter your favorite alcoholic beverage here).

4. You see no problem in staying up until 1:30 A.M. watching Arizona State play Washington even though the game doesn't impact the Nittany Lions whatsoever.

3. You've already been in an argument with your significant other about a relative who had the audacity of scheduling their wedding on a Penn State weekend.

2. Lee Corso makes you scream words you didn't even know you knew.

1. You find comfort in hearing terms like "out of whack", "we might get licked", "they're a better team than most people think", "I'm not sure what kind of team we have", or hearing a story about a play from 1950 as though it happened three minutes ago.
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