12 September 2006

Traveling Terrabyte Project arrives in Iraq

One of the projects designed by several of my friends in the Defcon community was a pretty cool idea called the Traveling Terrabyte Project. Basically, it's a Pelican case with hard drives and the associated power cables and adapters in it. They've filled it up with lots of media content from the conference (and past conferences, too): audio and video of the talks and PDFs of the presentations. The idea was to send the TTP to people within the community to share the content. Specifically, the first recipients were to be deployed military who missed the conference and didn't have access to the material.

A good friend of mine at CENTCOM in Tampa, FL was the first recipient and he was kind enough to make me the first overseas recipient. I will only have it here for as long as it takes to watch and/or copy what I want to keep, and then it'll be on to another soldier somewhere here in Iraq.
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