30 October 2006

The amazing weather

The other day, I wrote about the windstorm/sandstorm we were having. as I wrote then, I have never been through a tornado, but the howling wind sure made it sound like it. At the time, it had only rained a few drops, but it was so windy and visibility was so poor I decided to wait a few minutes before I headed back to my trailer.

Bad idea!

Within about five minutes it started pouring. The heavens opened up. It rained endlessly. The clouds blocked any moon that there was, so it was incredibly dark. The only way I could see was the (very) frequent flashes of lightning that seemed way too close to me.

The trek back to my trailer is only a few hundred yards, but it seemed like a lot more when I got there. Soaking wet and my feet covered in mud, I tried to keep my room reasonably clean. I don't have any sort of "welcome mat" to wipe off my feet (and besides, it was not fun standing outside), so I'm basically forced to take my muddy shoes off right inside my door and then clean up the floor later.

Turns out it rained all night and into the next day, accompanied by a lot of wind. The few trees that we do have (which are, I believe, of the Eucalyptus variety) were swaying much further than trees should sway. There were also a lot of downed branches the next day. Fortunately, by the time I went to work, the ground had mostly dried out. Here now a few days later there are still some wet spots in low-lying areas.

Finally, I saw two third-country nationals (or as we call them, TCNs) wearing jackets early this morning, something I can't imagine two or three months ago. Breezes are common now, and it actually gets a little cold at night.
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