10 October 2006

Amish set up fund for gunman's family

Growing up in a Mennonite school (the Mennonites are not Amish, but are in the same vein) and living right next door to Lancaster County gave me a pretty good perspective on the Amish. To many people the Amish are weird or strange but to me they're just like everyone else: making a living in their own particular way. (One interesting fact I have learned over the years is that the Amish do vote--and generally vote Republican.)

The Amish are a closed society, so it warmed my heart to see that 'outsiders' have already contributed $700,000 in donations in response to the Amish schoolhouse shootings. What doesn't surprise me though was that the Amish themselves went a step further: they also set up a fund for the gunman's family.
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