16 October 2006

Iraq: Improvised Explosive Devices

Here is a description of Improvised Explosive Devices from the official website of the Multi-National Force - Iraq:

The majority of insurgent attacks come in the form of IEDs targetting Iraqi and Coalition convoys and patrols. Most IEDs are made from leftover munitions and foreign explosive materials which are often hastily put together. Vehicle borne IEDs, VBIEDs, are devices that use a vehicle as the package or container of the device. These IEDs come in all shapes and sizes, from small sedans to large cargo trucks. There have even been instances of what appeared to be generators, donkey-drawn cards, and ambulances used to attempt attacks on Coalition forces and the new Iraqi government.

With high levels of sectarian violence in early 2006, suicide bombs and VBIEDs, car bombs, are increasingly targeting Iraqi civilians.

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