15 October 2006

Iraq: Terrorist Tactics

Here is a description of terrorist tactics in Iraq from the official website of the Multi-National Force - Iraq:

Iraqi guerilla attacks against Mulit-National Force - Iraq, Iraqi government and commercial targets typically take the following forms:
  • Attacks on convoys and patrols using improvised explosive devices
  • Ambushes on Coalition forces with small arms and/or rocket propelled grenade fire and hit-and-run mortar strikes on Iraqi government, Iraqi security forces, and MNF-I bases are also common.
  • Sabotage of oil pipelines and other infrastructure is another tactic often used
  • Assassination of Iraqis cooperating with the Coalition forces and Iraqi government
  • Suicide bombings targeting international organizations, Coalition forces, Iraqi police, hotels, etc.
  • Kidnapping and murder of private contractors working in Iraq for Iraqi government, MNF-I, or for commercial entities.
  • Kidnapping private Iraqi citizens as a fundraising tactic.
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