30 October 2006

One award you don't want to win

A list of the safest and most dangerous cities overall, as compiled by Morgan Quitno Press, which bases the rankings on FBI figures released in June. The list starts with the safest cities and ends with the most dangerous:

1. Brick, N.J.
107. Upper Darby, Pa.
154. Erie, Pa.
299. Allentown, Pa.
307. Pittsburgh, Pa.
343. Philadelphia, Pa.
351. Reading, Pa.
371. St. Louis, Mo.

I included the first (Brick, N.J.) and last (St. Louis, Mo., home of the St. Louis Cardinals, this year's World Series winner); some major cities in Pennsylvania, as well as my hometown of Reading, Pa., which traditionally is one of the most dangerous. In fact, among cities with less than 100,000 people, Reading is almost always among the most dangerous.
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