28 October 2006

Penn State postgame

A couple of thoughts:
  • Until yesterday, Purdue had not been shut out since September 14, 1996. This streak was the third longest active streak (I haven't been able to find the top two, yet).
  • I mentioned that Purdue's pass offense was ranked fourth overall. What I didn't mention is that they are also ranked seventh overall in total yards per game (448.5). Penn State's defense held them to 261 total yards. All the more impressive. Tom Bradley proves once again to be the defensive mastermind.
  • Some new wrinkles in the playbook! A number of plays (including some reverses) were run from the "tight" bunch formation. The fake quick pass to the wideout followed by the handoff worked well, too. It's nice to see Galen Hall borrowing successful plays from other offenses.
  • Penn State was the second least penalized team in the country (Northwestern was first) in terms of total penalty yards (26.6 yards per game). However, they were uncharacteristically sloppy against Purdue, amassing 80 penalty yards.
Overall, I saw steady improvement from last week. That same sort of improvement will be necessary to beat the Wisconsin Badgers next week. Another road game. And the game that will probably determine whether or not Penn State goes to a New Year's Day Bowl (which would most likely be the Capital One Bowl in Orlando).
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