31 October 2006


Welcome visitors from
I just wanted to write a quick welcome to all of my new visitors from MILblogging.com! Please take a few moments to look around and see what my blog has to offer you.

I am an active duty Navy Lieutenant serving with the Army (thus, Narmy-a) as an Electronic Warfare Officer. I am part of Joint CREW Composite Squadron-One (JCCS-1), whose mission is "to suppress the threat to coalition forces and reduce casualties through enhanced warfare coordination and JCREW operations, training, and readiness."

I always welcome comments on anything I write or post. I also encourage you to ask questions if you're curious about something. As with any military blog, sometimes my answers are purposely limited by operational security (OPSEC) concerns, which I take very seriously. For that reason, I also seek to post a lot of publicly-released articles and text from the military which I find of interest.

Some other content from my blog:
  • If you are interested at all in cryptography, I post a daily cryptogram which is usually a quotation from a (usually) famous person. Within 24 hours or so, I post the answer.
  • I am a huge Penn State fan so I write quite a bit about that, as well as sports and football in general.
  • I also write about politics now and then, and lately have been publishing some "classic" political campaign ads in the lead-up to this year's mid-term election. I understand that not everyone shares my political viewpoint, and that's fine. My goal is to share my interests with my readers.
  • Finally, in my BlogRolling link list I have some other military blogs you might enjoy. Please visit them as well.
Once again, welcome to the Chronicles of Narmya. I hope you enjoy your stay and come back frequently.
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