10 November 2006

Did you know...

...that 2008 will be the first presidential election in 80 years in which neither a President or Vice President is a candidate.

I read this fact in the ABC News article about John McCain that I cited here. It surprised me a little bit, mostly because I thought it was very interesting and I hadn't really thought about it all that much. So I decided to make a list. Here is the list of Presidents and Vice Presidents and the year in which they were a candidate (although obviously not the winner in all cases).

2008: None
2004: Bush 43
2000: Gore
1996: Clinton
1992: Bush 41
1988: Bush 41
1984: Reagan
1980: Carter
1976: Ford
1972: Nixon
1968: Johnson (withdrew after NH primary)
1964: Johnson
1960: Nixon
1956: Eisenhower
1952: Barkley (Truman's VP; lost in primaries)
1948: Truman
1944: Roosevelt
1940: Roosevelt
1936: Roosevelt
1932: Hoover
1928: None. Incumbent President Calvin Coolidge decided against a third term, and his Vice President Charles Dawes did not run.

80 years, a very interesting bit of Presidential election trivia.
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