05 November 2006

Election predictions, part 2 redux

Charles Krauthammer's op-ed piece at the Washington Post basically argues the same point I made in my election prediction (part 2):
What to say about such a victory? Substantial, yes. Historic, no.
So when the results come in and the Democrats begin to crow, remember this: By historical standards, this is the American people's usual response to entrenched power -- a bracing and chastening contempt. Sixth-year presidents nearly always bring their parties down.
The election will be a referendum of sorts on Iraq. But it will be registering nothing more than uneasiness and discontent. Had the Democrats offered a coherent alternative to the current policy, one could draw lessons as to what course the country should take. But if either friends or enemies interpret the results as a mandate for giving up, they will be mistaken.
Nice to see someone agrees with me!
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