01 November 2006

Fraudulent military blogger?

I was checking out a recent blog added to MILblogging.com called "A Sailors Regret". As I was reading his profile, I became immediately suspicious:

"Jason Andrew McIntyre"

I am unable to find the existence of any such name serving in the U.S. Navy. Check for yourself on Military.com's Buddy Finder. Perhaps someone with access to NMCI could check the global database?

"I'm 28 and a Commander for the United States Navy."

The rank of commander is O-5 in the Navy and generally takes at least 15+ years to achieve from date of commissioning. It is unlikely that anyone at the age of 28 could possibly be a Commander. Furthermore, if he is arguing that he is simply the officer in charge of his unit and not actually an O-5, the Navy does not use the term "Commander" in the same sense that the Army does. The officer in charge of a unit is called the "Commanding Officer".

"I'm a 10 year sniper."

I'm not an expert in Special Operations forces, but I doubt there are many Navy "snipers" unless they are SEALs or other SpecOps forces.

"since graduation of USNA with a Criminal Law Degree."

To the best of my knowledge, the United States Naval Academy offers no such "Criminal Law Degree." You can see for yourself here. Perhaps a USNA alumnus could check alumni rosters for his name.

"Occupation: Commander 3rd Recon / Spec Sniper ; 0 - 5 S.P345"

Again, I'm not an expert on Special Operations forces, but I've never heard of any such "3rd Recon" unit in the Navy. The only "3rd Recon" I was able to find was an USMC unit.

"For the past three years I have served 3 tours of Iraq, Pakistan, Iraq, and Kuwait."

Without any additional information, I can't question his tours. However, he doesn't say anything else to prove it.

His blog is mostly poems so I can't speak to any of the other content.

I have no problem with this blog. What I do have a problem with is someone who is apparently posing as an active duty Navy Officer while his story just doesn't fit. If "Commander Jason Andrew McIntyre" can prove me wrong, I'd like to see his proof.

I won't accept the following as proof: "My unit is top secret," "My identity is secret," or anything along those lines. He posted it on his blog, if it is secret or otherwise unknown, he violated the law by publishing it.
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