10 November 2006

Temple vs. Penn State

This week's game deserves very little preview, so I'll stick to the relevant facts:

Temple's offense is the absolute worst in the entire NCAA in yards per game (228.5), fifth-worst in scoring (12.5 points per game). Temple is the absolute worst in the entire NCAA in scoring defense (giving up 40.7 points per game) and second-worst in yards per game (456.3). There really is not a worse team in Division I-A. How they won a game this year is beyond my imagination.

Consider they gave up 62 points per game in two consecutive games (Louisville and Minnesota) and were shut out in both of them. In fact, they've given up 60+ points three times this season and failed to score a touchdown in four of their ten games.

People were complaining that D I-AA Youngstown State didn't belong on Penn State's schedule. My response: I have no doubt Youngstown State would beat Temple.

Despite everything Penn State has done wrong this year, this is an easy win. Penn State 38, Temple 6.

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