21 November 2006

Traveling part 3

Home at last!

The flight from Kuwait to Germany took 5 1/2 hours. Then after about a two hour layover the flight from Germany to Atlanta was 9 1/2 hours. Long and painful, especially given the fact that the great circle route took us right over Philadelphia.

In Atlanta we had to go through customs and get signed out on leave, then it was a couple hours more of waiting for my Delta flight to Philadelphia. Allthewhile, things have gone on time and according to schedule. Incredible! Of course, that wouldn't last in my favorite airport (insert sarcasm here), Philadelphia. My final flight to State College was delayed by over an hour, but I did happen to run into a family friend so spent about 30 minutes catching up. After a short 45 minute flight to State College my long trip was finally over!

We arrived home around dinner time and I was in no mood to do anything except sleep. Which I did for about 12 hours. I was up again about 5am this morning and now I'm as close to being on schedule as I will be. Now, it's finally time to relax...
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