07 November 2006

Turnout so far

In my precinct (State College Southeast), Centre County, Pennsylvania:

2002 Midterm: 900 registered voters, 608 votes (67.56%).

2004 Presidential: 1,011 registered voters, 889 votes (87.93%).

2006 Midterm: at 1 PM when Tracy voted, approximately 390 people had already voted. There were 816 registered voters in the precinct at the time of the primary election; I'm not sure how almost 200 voters disappeared from the rolls in two years unless the precinct boundaries were slightly redrawn. With the number of apparent valid votes in 2004, there doesn't seem to have been much room for "cleaning up" the rolls.

As you can see turnout in this precinct is traditionally higher than national averages. Based on the numbers of voters so far, it seems likely the precinct could exceed turnout from 2002 but I doubt it will come close to 2004.

Also it appears my absentee ballot isn't there yet. This has me slightly worried but it wouldn't surprise me if my ballot was lost somewhere in this military mail system. As for absentee ballots in general, Pennsylvania is not so liberal as other states in voting that way. You have to have a reason to vote by absentee as opposed to many other states that allow absentee and early voting without the voter having to justify a reason.
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