10 November 2006

Undecided House races

In this post I talked about the 13 undecided House races. The list is now down to 10.

Projected Republican losses:

CT-02: Simmons (R)

Projected Democratic holds:

GA-12: Barrow (D)
LA-02: Jefferson (D)

Projected Republican holds:

NM-01: Wilson (R)
NC-08: Hayes (R)
OH-02: Schmidt (R)
OH-15: Pryce (R)
WA-08: Reichert (R)
WY-01: Cubin (R)


TX-23: Bonilla (R) in unscheduled run-off

Projected final tally is 232-202 with TX-23 undecided. The Democrats had 202 seats and one independent in the 109th Congress. USA Today is projecting 232-203 as the final tally.

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