27 November 2006

Yes, I'm here

If you are a regular visitor to my blog, you will have already noticed that my several-times-a-day frequency of posting has dropped off dramatically. In fact, it has been six days since I posted anything at all.

Rest assured, all is well. I am home and am very much enjoying my time off!

We had our first Thanksgiving on Thursday. My parents and my brother and his wife visited on Friday and we had our second Thanksgiving then. We also celebrated birthdays for me (yes, Happy Birthday me!) and my dad. Actually, our birthdays are both on the 28th, but we generally celebrate them around Thanksgiving.

I actually went through two Thanksgiving meals without any turkey (gasp!). Not a real surprise, though, if you know me. Our family is generally more inclined to ham rather than turkey, although we usually have both. This year we stuck with ham. Our "free" Weis turkey will be cooked for Christmas.

Tracy is doing well and while her due date is almost 30 days away, we're getting all the signs of an early delivery, probably in the next 1-2 weeks. As my luck will have it, I'm expecting it will happen a day or two after I return to Iraq from my leave.

As expected, Penn State received a bid for the Outback Bowl in Tampa, Florida, on January 1st. The opponent will be an SEC team which will most likely be named on Sunday following the BCS selection show.

Eagles quarterback Donovan McNabb was injured last week and will miss the rest of the NFL season. Backup Jeff Garcia played admirably in relief (both last week and this week), but the defense is hurting bad and it looks as if this season is lost. At 5-6, the Eagles are outside of the playoffs and would need a very strong close to make it. Even then, the schedule is murderous with three consecutive away division games in December.

State College is still alive and will play in the District 3/6 AAAA Finals on Saturday against Berks County's Governor Mifflin (a frequent opponent of my high school, Muhlenberg).

Check back in a couple of days for some more updates.
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