17 December 2006

Senator Kerry sighting

I had forgotten that Senator John Kerry (D-MA) was planning a trip to Iraq until I ran into him tonight at the DFAC. Senator Chris Dodd (D-CT) was also there (if there were any other Senators or Representatives, I couldn't tell). Kerry is obviously trying hard to repair his image among members of the military. He and Dodd met with soldiers from their states during dinner.

Either most people don't recognize Kerry or they just don't care, as almost no one approached him. Dodd even less, I doubt anyone but myself even recognized him. I had no plans of any sort of confrontation of course, but I did approach Senator Kerry and shake his hand and thank him for coming to Iraq. He asked if they were taking care of me and I said yes. I also said I was headed home and he wished me a Merry Christmas. I disagree with the man on just about everything and would never vote for him, but I do appreciate that he came to Iraq (regardless of his intentions).

As I mentioned before, I honestly believe Kerry was not trying to denigrate the troops during his "botched joke". But in that case perception truly is reality, and people perceived that he was talking down the troops, so that's the reality of the situation.
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