01 January 2007

Penn State season wrap-up

Overall prediction: 9-3/10-2
Final record: 9-4

Game-by-game predictions: 9-3 (I made no Michigan State prediction)

Correct predictions: Akron, Youngstown State, Ohio State, Northwestern, Minnesota, Illinois, Purdue, Temple, Tennessee

Incorrect predictions: Notre Dame, Michigan, Wisconsin

Closest prediction to actual score: Penn State 35, Akron 14 (actual score Penn State 34, Akron 16)

Combining all of my game-by-game predictions, I predicted Penn State scoring 27.8 points per game while they actually scored 22.3 per game (5.5 point difference). For the opponents, I was much closer: I predicted 15.1 points per game while the opponents actually scored 14.4 points per game (a season total difference of only 6 points).

I predicted Penn State would play in a New Year's Day bowl game and they did. Although under normal circumstances it might not have happened with a 8-4 regular season record. With both Ohio State and Michigan playing in BCS bowls, Wisconsin (who frankly deserved to play in the BCS themselves), Penn State and the rest of the Big Ten bowl-eligible teams got a default-upgrade bowl. With only one Big Ten team in the BCS, Penn State would have likely played in the Alamo Bowl on December 30th.

Ultimately the early season losses against ranked teams was the biggest disappointment of the season. This was partially made up by a Outback Bowl defeat of a Tennessee team which was ranked #17 and favored over Penn State.
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