09 July 2008

You want to go where?!

I was at the gas station yesterday (ugh) filling up the Metro before I headed home from work. A woman pulled alongside me and asked, "How do I get to Tyson's Corner?" You'll forgive me if I chuckled a bit, but I'm in central Maryland, not on a major highway, and someone is asking for directions to Virginia. Google Maps shows it as 35 miles driving distance, and 40 minutes (I guessed 40-45 minutes), but at rush hour it might take twice that.

Now I obviously live in Maryland, not Virginia, but am vaguely familiar with the Tyson's Corner area (BAH HQ is there), and could easily get there without a map. I gave the woman directions (Google Maps agreed) twice before she decided to take out a pen and actually write down what I was saying.

Who decides to go somewhere where they obviously haven't been before without figuring out how you plan to get there?
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