01 June 2009

We don't need no stinkin' key!

Back in March I started lockpicking again. Mostly I have just been practicing with locks I purchased, but last week I was able to put my "skills" to use.

Our office is the process of moving to another space, and we're going through cabinets to clear out our stuff. We came across a HON filing cabinet that was locked, but no key to be found. Now this is not your government-approved high security storage safe, just a filing cabinet. Honestly I didn't (and still don't) know anything about these locks, but I figured what the heck. I carry my picks with me to work so I might as well have a go at it.

I still don't have the right feeling in my hands to be confident, but I am guessing it was a fairly cheap 4 pin lock. The lock was installed with the pins on the top, so it was a little awkward (and also reminds me that I need picks with nice handles on them), at least for a newb such as myself.

In my very short experience I've found that most locks open clockwise, so that's how I started with the torque wrench. As you might expect I didn't have any luck this way, but that's not saying much against my limited skillset. I tried torquing it counterclockwise and the lock popped open in less than 10 seconds. Viola!

This is probably a 5-10 second job for a veteran lockpicker, but it was my first "real world" pick so it made me feel good.
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