25 December 2009

The Dad's Guide to Modern Warfare 2: "Prez, are you camping?"

This is part of a series of strategy guides for players of Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 2. If you haven't already done so, check out the first post in the series here. As always, keep in mind the audience for these guides is not hardcore gamers but rather the casual "dad" gamers trying to stay competitive.

In the middle of an epic 18 kills/0 deaths Team Deathmatch game on Rundown, one of my teammates (who I didn't know) asked me if I was camping. I laughed to myself, especially given my recent posts on this blog concerning MW2 strategies. Of course, I was carrying out my camp and go strategy, and in truth, it had been more go than camp.

I started out in one of my favorite spots, the Abandoned House, got one kill and then quickly a second with the claymore guarding the door. And then I started moving on, around the water tower (using the edge of the map for defense) to the Fish Market and then the second story of the Drug Store. It was here that he asked me if I was camping, and to be true, I did spend some time here, but only because a sentry gun overlooking the Fish Market and Cantina was racking up kills! I then went across the bridge to the second floor of the Neighborhood, and then finished up by the Stable.

Nothing else was said until the intermission, when he began pleading with me not to camp if I was on the other team during the next game. Not surprisingly, he ended up on the other team...and I racked up a 13/2 on Derail, primarily by skirting the edges of the map and capitalizing on the other team camping by the Gas Station and Garage (a 3x kill with a precision air strike confirmed this one!). Most interestingly is the fact that I truly did not do any camping on this map, only to have this guy accuse me of "running around the edges of the map." So apparently any strategy that works for me and against him isn't fair? haha!

Quite honestly, getting under other people's skin simply by playing to your strategy is classic fun, especially when you're wiping them of the map. As I said before, you paid $60 for the game, you paid $50 for an Xbox Live account, so you can play whatever strategy you choose!
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