22 January 2010

Unwritten rule of sports jerseys: timing

The theme of this series is the promulgation of what should be unwritten rules regarding the wearing of sports jerseys. Of course, I am writing them down, which belies the title, but if sometimes violations of unwritten rules are so flagrant that they require writing down, then so be it.

The dress code is pretty casual at my place of work such that sports jerseys are popular. It is especially common on Fall Fridays, but not rare to see them at other times during the year.

This "unwritten" rule of sports jerseys relates to the timing of when you should or should not wear your jersey:

The last workday before the sports contest is the most appropriate day. So wearing a jersey on Friday is fine for a game that night, or even anytime during the weekend. Wearing a jersey on Monday is OK for a Monday Night Football game. Wearing a jersey at any other time is generally OK, but subject to the following restrictions:
  • Out of season jerseys are expressly forbidden except during unique circumstances (i.e., you're attending the NFL Draft).
  • Wearing a jersey the day after a loss is not forbidden, but stupid.
  • Wearing a jersey the week after a loss or after the end of the season is even more stupid (I saw three Steelers jerseys the Friday before the Wild Card games). Move on, this isn't pride. Pack away your Big Ben jersey or Tom Brady snuggie until next fall.
  • With exception to a win after the penultimate game (such as the Super Bowl, or World Series, etc.), wearing a jersey after a win is weaksauce; true fans of your team wear the jersey proudly before the game, not after. I saw an Ovechkin jersey today, which would otherwise have been fine, but wearing it the day after the Caps beat the Pens doesn't say anything positive about you as a fan. It should have been worn yesterday.
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