08 February 2010

The Super Bowl and the Audi Green Police

Here is the commercial in question:

Ha ha, funny. Or not. When I first watched this commercial, I couldn't tell if it was supposed to be funny or serious. In fact, I still don't know. I suspect that they were trying to be funny by being absurd, but it doesn't work:
In order for a commercial like this to be funny, it has to be absurd. Woefully, the kind of fascism seen in these commercials is no longer absurd in that “it could not happen.”
Exactly my sentiment.

Countries such as Australia have already banned incandescent bulbs, so it really so far that someone would come to your house to check on your bulbs? Maybe a little bit, not enough to be funny/absurd. Stores already eschew plastic bags for more "environmental friendly" options, so is that part really so funny either?

They call it Green Police, but it looks like Green Gastapo to me. This is fascism, and there isn't anything funny about it.

Regardless of your outlook, was this ad really just "funny" or did you see some elements of realism in it, if not now, in the near future?
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