08 July 2010

A few notes about Robin Sage

This talk at Black Hat USA is the story of a social network experiment. The author, Thomas Ryan, created profiles on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn of a user named Robin Sage. Long story short, a number of people signed on as friends. Read the abstract for more specific info.

I recognize that this was intended as a "gotcha" sort of experiment, and I have no doubt that Mr. Ryan will reveal some information that he obtained from friending these folks. However, there were a number of people who did not fall for the ruse, and in some cases, publicly called out Robin Sage as a fake. I can't even attempt to name everyone, but as I recall there were at least a dozen people actively discussing the case at the time. I recall talking to Chris Nickerson at the time, and he said to me (and I'm paraphrasing), "I think I just stepped on someone's Black Hat talk," and this was right at the beginning.

When the profiles first became public, a few things were immediately suspicious to me:
  • The name. Robin Sage just sounded familiar to me, but not as a person's name. A discussion with some friends, and a quick Google search confirmed what I had thought. At this point it was already obvious that the user was fake.
  • The LinkedIn profile has apparently been deleted, but it was really over the top: "Robin" claimed to have been involved in the hacker community for ten years (but no one knew who she was), and claimed to be the "real life Abby Sciuto". In a community as small as the hacker community, you'd think someone would know a user like this. Of course, no one did.
There are a number of other red lights that I won't necessarily go into, but others have elsewhere. And just for the record, I did not add Robin Sage on either Facebook or LinkedIn. Although some people admittedly added her profiles despite knowing the ruse, knowing that their profiles did not reveal any information that they didn't already want known.

Also to note: this experiment has already been done before, by Nathan Hamiel and Shawn Moyer back in 2009 at Shmoocon. So I'm not sure why its a "Hot Story" at Dark Reading, especially for Black Hat.

Mr. Ryan's abstract says "The experiment was conducted by creating a blatantly false identity..." So blatant in fact, that many people saw through the ruse. Let's hope for the sake of intellectual honesty that these results are also presented.
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