14 October 2010

Landmark Baltimore teacher's contract defeated

Update: the text of the tentative agreement that was defeated today is posted below.

The landmark agreement that I talked about here has been rejected by teachers.  From the Baltimore Sun:
Baltimore teachers rejected a landmark contract agreement that would. have paid them top salaries but would have eliminated a longstanding seniority based compensation system.

In voting Wednesday and Thursday the final count was 1,540 against and 1,107 in favor. The Baltimore Teachers' Union represents about 6,500 employees.
This is surely disappointing because it would have placed Baltimore schools among the forefront in making performance a key issue. It is doubly disappointing because the union leadership actually supported the agreement, which is a significant step in and of itself. Apparently the support for seniority-based pay is so strong that teachers couldn't resist giving it up. Rather than keeping pace with the significant progress made in D.C., Baltimore schools have once again regressed.

There were a number of reports today from union officials that turnout was "near-record."  I'm not sure what to think when less than 41% of teachers is "near-record" turnout.

Here is the proposed agreement that was defeated:

Baltimore Teachers Union Tentative Agreement
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