18 October 2010

No Slots at the Mall crashes kids pumpkin contest at Arundel Mills

Consider the following photograph via @bbaskin:
Courtesy of @bbaskin
Yes, it's fall.  Pumpkin-time, and they have a kids pumpkin contest set up in Arundel Mills Mall.  See that box at the front of the table? It's a ballot box.  You vote for pumpkins in different categories and drop your vote on a slip of paper into this box:
Courtesy of @bbaskin
This is the ballot box for the kids pumpkin contest; slots opponents who have no life but to try to inject politics into a kids contest are stuffing the ballot box with "votes" that proclaim "No Slots at the Mall."  You can see one "vote" at the middle of the picture, and at least one more along the left edge.

Seriously, and I ask this of slots opponents: have you no decency that you can't let a kids pumpkin contest be, instead of making it a forum for your political viewpoint?  Stand outside the mall and hold a sign, but don't crash a kids contest.  You make me sick.

You would think that they could take their $3.3 million of Maryland Jockey Club money and put it to better use.

Slots opponents may try to dismiss these stunts, but they certainly can't defend them.  And of course, this isn't the first time that No Slots at the Mall have used shameful tactics.
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