30 November 2010

Hard drive recovery project, part 3

See part 2 of the hard drive recovery project here.

I installed the new drive, booted up the desktop with Hirens Boot CD and used G4L (Ghost for Linux)'s Click and Clone feature to backup the hard drive (technically, this makes the new hard drive also look like the original 500GB hard drive instead of 2TB, but resizing the partition is a simpler project for another day).  I should also add that the .ZIP file that contains Hirens Boot CD has a nice script that automates burning to CD--no need to figure this out manually. A really nice touch.

About 75 minutes later and the drive was cloned.  The ultimate test was removing the original 500GB drive and leaving only the newly-cloned 2TB drive.  Power-on...success. Worked like a champ.  I think it's important to add here that I recognize that none of this is new to many people, and that things so far are happening exactly as you would expect.  The key difference here is that I have not typically done any of this before, so it's all new to me.  So feel free to call me the hard drive recovery noob, I won't mind. :-)

This post brings us to the present.  I have both drives ready to go, now I just need to find a smaller torx bit to be able to remove the PCBs from the drive casing.  Presuming I can find the right size, I hope to be able to swap out the boards tonight and figure out if this is going to work!

To be continued...
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