08 November 2010

Report: Locust Point is safest large neighborhood in Baltimore

From the Baltimore Sun Real Estate Wonk:
A crime analysis for a consumer-finance website dubs Locust Point the safest large neighborhood in Baltimore, with residents less likely to be victims of violence or serious property crimes than people living in most other parts of the country.

'As it turns out, some big cities contain neighborhoods that are among the safest of any place in the nation, hopefully breaking stereotypes,' WalletPop, the website, says in its announcement of the findings.

Locust Point, a neighborhood with deep blue-collar roots, has a location alongside Baltimore's waterfront that has brought it high-end residential development in recent years.
The most surprising part about this article is that it does mention geography at all. Locust Point, as the map below will clearly show you, is on a peninsula. So it is unlikely to have much transient traffic going through it. This is surely one of the reasons why crime is low.
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