14 December 2010

"Particularized suspicion" required for strip searches

From WBALTV.com:
A Maryland appeals court has ruled that suspicion is enough for police to conduct a strip search.
The Court of Special Appeals issued the opinion last week, explaining why it overruled a lower court in October.
Prosecutors appealed a Baltimore County judge's pretrial ruling that a bag of cocaine found after a suspect was ordered to remove his pants at a police station was not admissible as evidence.
The suspect was pulled over for speeding following a tip from an informant and arrested after a police dog indicated drugs were in the car.
Retired Judge Charles E. Moylan Jr. wrote in the opinion that all that is required is a particularized suspicion that drugs may be hidden on or in the suspect's body.
Here is the full text of the decision:

Maryland v. Harding
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