21 January 2012

Five Ways We’re Killing Our Own Privacy

That's the title for ShmooCon FireTalks. Here's the abstract:
At DEFCON, I talked about how our privacy rights are under attack. Our sea of liberty is drying up due to the ever-encroaching power of the government. A litany of abuses continue to chip away at the historical foundations of privacy: administrative searches as pretexts to avoid search warrants, national security letter, andsuffocating public surveillance just to name a few. Yet the government alone is not the only source of our ever-diminishing privacy. In this talk, I turn my attention…to you. Yes, believe it or not, you (and me) and the other 310 million of us in this country are also responsible for our diminished expectation of privacy. Why are we responsible? Who wants our information, and why is it so valuable? Is there anything we can do to stem the tide?
See you there!
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