25 February 2012

Act of Valor: box office hero?

Several years ago, I reviewed a number of the anti-war movies that came out. This weekend's Act of Valor is the response.

According to Box Office Mojo, the estimated gross for Friday was $9 million. This opening day haul already places it above the total box office receipts for several of those anti-war movies:

In the Valley of Elah: $6.8 million
Redacted: $65,388 (yes, you read that right)
Grace is Gone: $50,899

Act of Valor is also fast on the heels of Rendition, which grossed $9.7 million, and Stop Loss ($10.9 million).

Based upon usual weekend patterns, Act of Valor can probably expect a minimum of 25% more on Saturday, and probably another $9 million on Sunday. Estimated weekend box office: ~$30 million, which, incidentally, would eclipse all of the other movies above combined.
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