24 March 2012

From David Cannadine's Mellon: An American Life

The Occupy movement would get a kick out of this except from David Cannadine's Mellon: An American Life (p. 543); it is from a satire called Frankie in Wonderland by Mellon's son-in-law, David Bruce:

     "Order in court," said the king. "Who is the first prisoner?"
     "A banker from Pittsburgh who is in the aluminum business," answered the prosecutor, who was well known for his short cummings.
     "Guilty," shouted the King. "What crime is he accused of?"
     "He says he doesn't know, Judge," replied Short Cummings.
     "Never mind," said the King. "He's guilty anyhow, all Bankers are guilty! Especially Republican bankers! Off with his head!"
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