06 June 2012

A phone call, a death threat, and WTF just happened?!

A few nights ago, my wife answered my cell phone and the caller (whose ID was either unknown or blocked) asked for me by name. I wasn't immediately available so she asked if she could take a message. The caller did in fact, leave a message (paraphrased):

"You tell that fuckin' asshole that I can have him and his whole family murdered."


I reported the phone call to the police.

But who was it?

I have no idea, but I can speculate (and I say speculate because I have no evidence to back this up). As many of you know, I post a lot of politically-related things on Twitter and Facebook. And as many of you know, political discussions online are often very toxic. Recently, they've spilled over into real life: several conservative bloggers have been SWATted. Now I don't blog nearly as often as some of these folks, nor do I don't have nearly the audience (and I consider myself more of a libertarian than a conservative, but that's really not important). But I think (and again, I am only speculating) that I probably said something on Twitter that tweaked someone and they felt the need to respond. With a life threatening phone call. A little overboard, don't you think?

I served nearly 9 years in the Navy, fighting for this country, so that we can enjoy the freedom of speech. Nice way to repay me, thank you very much. Either way, and regardless of the reason why someone did it, I won't allow anonymous threats from a coward to intimidate me or my family.
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