17 December 2012

Crime reporting: Glen Burnie and Pasadena

I had, for a time, blogged quite a bit about much the violence here in Maryland, specifically in Baltimore and its immediate suburbs. I wanted to draw attention to the issue, and I think I began to accomplish that goal. A few problems soon emerged: the posts because repetitive, the geographic area was too broad, and (quite honestly) people stopped reading. In short, I went overboard. So I scaled back my efforts, hoping to just concentrate on Anne Arundel County. Since then, the posts on this topic in general have been few and far between.

So I've decided to take a different approach. Rather than blindly reporting and tracking incidents of crime, I'm thinking of focusing specifically on Glen Burnie (and to some extent, on Pasadena) and identifying themes that tie the posts together. For example, there seems to be some evidence of gang-related violence in the area as of late. So as I look into these issues, expect to see more content along these lines.

For general crime reports, I will probably just post links to stories on my Twitter account. Here's one example.

But I promise, I won't go overboard. :-)
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