13 February 2013

Language Lessons: News room roundup

This is one in a series of posts about the peculiarities of writing and speaking the English language. For similar posts, click here.

A few tidbits from the news:

"North Webster man and his dog invades [read 'invade'] an Albion home, held at gunpoint."

Elderly, Disabled Struggling on Carnival Cruise Ship, Passenger Says: "Carnival has [read 'has been' or simply 'blamed'] blaming the cause of fire on an alternator."

Security Council and UN officials condemn DPR Korea's nuclear test: "Underlining that he personally had repeatedly called on the new leadership in Pyongyang to give up its nuclear weapons, and try to diffuse [read 'defuse'] the situation through political dialogue and confidence-building measures with neighbours and the international community, Mr. Ban said that “regrettably, my appeals have fallen on deaf ears." [Also, a bit of a run-on sentence, don't you think?]

"Irregardless of its convenience, the Internet promotes the Worst. Writing. Ever." ["Irregardless" is a word, but it's nonstandard. Especially interesting because this links to an article about bad writing. A Google news search for "irregardless" finds fairly common use, too.]
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