05 August 2013

Could the embassy closures be a false flag operation?

Nineteen diplomatic posts across the Middle East are closed due to what some are calling "the most credible terrorist threat in years."

While I want to make very clear that I have no particular or unique insight into whether an increased level of "chatter" justifies these closures, I have no reason to doubt it, either. And let me be clear: I'm not suggesting that there is anything untoward about these specific closures. I'm not suggesting that there is a "conspiracy." I'm not suggesting that it is even likely that we're not being told the truth in regards to this event.

What I am suggesting, however, is that perhaps we should consider that it might be possible that the intelligence community could generate a false flag-type event (not necessarily this event, but an event) where (just to use this week's event as an example) we make a big deal about closing embassies and consulates, not as a result of chatter, but to generate chatter. Having planned the event in advance, we would then have our efforts focused on specific individuals or areas where we might expect to see a reaction.

What are your thoughts?
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