26 September 2013

I couldn't think of a name for this nitpicky post

My initial observations about UM Carey Law have been almost entirely positive. Well, not today. Consider the following:

Some description is in order. Along the aisle, the floor slopes up gently from the left to the right so that each row of desks is slightly higher than those in front. However, the floor also slopes down from the aisle to the row. The result is that there is a small area of floor (roughly triangular in shape, as indicated by the red lines) which is not flat. No problem, except this small area of floor is also the same area of floor where the person sitting along the aisle sites. As a result, the chair doesn't sit flat. The only alternatives are to push yourself into the desk or to shift into the personal space of the person to the left of you. Well, there is another alternative--move to another spot. After a few classes and too much back pain from sitting crooked, I moved.

Who designed this floor and thought it would be a good idea?

Ok, yes, this is nitpicky. But it needed to be said. :-)
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