18 September 2013

Marley history mystery

Our neighborhood is saturated with references to Marley: the Marley Station Mall (quite obviously named after the train stop pictured below), Marley Elementary and Marley Middle School, Marley Creek, Marley Station Road, Marley Neck Boulevard, and Marley Neck Road, to name just a few.

Here's the Marley Station stop on the Baltimore and Annapolis Railroad, circa 1944:

The earliest reference I can find to anything Marley is Marley Chapel. Here's the historical marker:

On the other hand, this marker doesn't tell us anything about who the chapel was named after. Although because of its 1731 date, we can safely exclude Jacob Marley, Bob Marley and a yellow labrador retriever named after the latter.

Google is surprisingly unhelpful, even when filtering out Bob, Ziggy, and Jacob.

The founders of Anne Arundel and Howard Counties, Maryland: A genealogical and biographical review from wills, deeds and church records references Marley Chapel on page 203, but doesn't otherwise have any evidence to suggest who Marley might have been. Similarly, A History of Anne Arundel County in Maryland doesn't provide any clues.

So...who was Marley?
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