19 September 2013

Affordable tuition and misleading advertising

This advertisement purports to show how affordable college tuition is as compared to the cost of clothing:

On the left: "Daily Outfit Expense" consists of a $45 shirt, $50 jeans, and $75 shoes for a total of $170. On the right: "Daily Tuition Expense" of $17 a day (the fine print says this is based upon the tuition for four months during the fall of 2008; I'm not sure why they're using five year old numbers).

Over this ~122 day period, tuition costs $2,074. Over the same period, outfits cost...$20,740! Of course you would choose tuition!

No doubt, you already see the problem here. One does not typically purchase $170 worth of clothing every day for four months, especially those students who are concerned about the cost of tuition. And of course, tuition is just one cost of attending school.

Not only is this advertisement misleading, it's blatantly and openly so. Prospective students deserve better.
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