16 October 2013

Vending machine licenses...what are they good for?

In Maryland, the license fee is $2.50 for each vending machine. Apparently, no one renews these licenses because many of the vending machines I have encountered have expired licenses. In fact, all of the vending machines where I took this photo had expired licenses. Perhaps there is another explanation.

Pursuant to Maryland law, an inspector could "seal the vending machine to prevent further use." Md. BUSINESS REGULATION Code Ann. § 17-1905(c)(2)(i) (2013). Selling through a vending machine without license is a misdemeanor subject to a fine not exceeding $100. § 17-1906(b).

Other than paying $2.50 for the license, Maryland law does not appear to have any provision to inspect the machines or for any sort of regulation. Other than generating revenue, I don't really see the point of these licenses. By not enforcing them, Maryland apparently doesn't see the point either. So why not eliminate them?

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