03 October 2013

Welcome to Maryland Health Connection! (Good luck signing up)

Welcome to Maryland Health Connection! For most of the first day, the site was unavailable:

Later, the site itself was reachable, but timed out after 2+ minutes of waiting trying to reload the signup page:

Then I waited five more minutes for this:

And seven minutes for this:

Tonight, I finally made it back to the login page, but the option to create a new user account (which was on the right side of this screen) has disappeared. So if you haven't already signed up (which was previously impossible due to the timeouts noted above), tough luck.

I clicked on "Forgot Your User Name?" to see what would happen. Predictable at this point:

Update: the "Create Account" option is back this morning!

Nevertheless, the page is still very slow to load (3+ minutes so far)...

I did it! After 48 hours, I was finally able to create an account. Then I logged in and navigated to the place where I could browse the various plan options. Except there aren't any:

There is no context on this page. I tried to reload it, and....it logged me out back to this screen:

I suppose I'll try again later...
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