24 January 2014

Grammarly Blogger Partnership Program disclaimer

Grammarly reached out to me about participating in their Blogger Partnership Program. Ordinarily, I wouldn't be inclined to participate in such a partnership program. However, I decided to participate for two reasons. First, I discussed the idea with a number of trusted friends who offered useful advice. Second, I'm already a Grammarly customer. If I hadn't been, I'd definitely have some reservations about participating.

That being said, please consider this post as my disclaimer to you that I am participating. You will also see a short bit of text at the top of partnership posts. I'm not sure if this will be a one time thing, or if they'll consider additional posts. Either way, I'll get a $50 gift card for participating. They have not directed me to write about anything specific (other than to give suggestions about the short bit of text at the top of the post), and I wouldn't participate if they asked me to do so. So there you have it.
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