04 May 2014

Yahoo Sports pages leaking browser tab with links to Backyard, Yahoo's internal network

[12/27/2015 UPDATE]: The browser tab is showing up again this afternoon...

[9/30/2014 UPDATE]: This blog post has been getting a ton of hits lately, because the Backyard browser tab is leaking to the Internet, again (Backyard is apparently some version of Yahoo's internal network). Presumably, everyday Internet users like you and me shouldn't be seeing this. See the details below from May.

Here's a screenshot from September 30, 2014. You see the tab at the bottom right:

I'm moderately impressed by how quickly Yahoo responded to my tweet:

The tab shows up at the bottom right of the browser when visiting Yahoo Sports using Chrome. I could not duplicate the behavior in Firefox or Chrome.

Here is the tab:

And here are the links from the tab:

Y! Confidential: https://backyard.yahoo.com/globalcomms/Confidential.html
Megaphone: https://backyard.yahoo.com/qna/sports-grandslam-feedback/moderator
Bug: http://tiny.corp.yahoo.com/PDk61L

It appears that this behavior has been going on for at least a few days.
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