10 October 2014

So, this just happened.

The fine, upstanding gentleman driving this red car was not too pleased that I passed him on the right (it doesn't seem to matter to him that he was driving in the passing lane without, you know, actually passing anyone).

He followed me home after I passed him. That's nearly 2 miles from this spot. He pulled up beside my truck and the conversation went something like this:

Him: "You about ran me over when you passed me on (Route) 100!" He also complained that I was driving too fast.

Me: "If I was going too fast, how fast did you drive to catch up to me so that you could follow me all the way home?"

Him: (confused look) "At least 75 miles per hour!"

Me: "Don't you think that was pretty unsafe of you to drive faster than I was to catch up to me?"

Him: (confused look)

Me: "Oh, c'mon man! Are you the police? Is it your job to correct other drivers!"

Him: "You're damn right it is. It's my job to kick the ass of people like you."

Me: "Really? Well what are you going to do about it?"

Him: If I wasn't on probation I'd kick your ass!"

Me: "So now what?"

At this point I reached into my pocket to pull out my phone. At the least, I wanted to get a picture of this guy. But he started driving away. I do have a better screenshot with his license plate.

Me: "Keep going, buddy! Keep going!"
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