25 November 2014

The Brown family is partially responsible for what happened last night in Ferguson

Michael Brown's family had largely claimed the moral high ground in the weeks leading up to the indictment announcement by calling for nonviolent protest. Then--despite having a pretty good idea of what the result would be--immediately upon hearing that result, Michael Brown's stepfather repeatedly yelled, "Burn this bitch down!" Raw emotion, but the moral high ground had been lost. Yes, I'm calling out Michael Brown's family for being partially responsible for last night's violence. To be clear, I'm not suggesting they they're criminally responsible or that they should be charged with a crime. But they certainly have some moral responsibility for what happened. We lost our son in a situation that involved a police officer, too. Different circumstances, but in the end our son is dead, too. We, as much as anyone else can, understand the raw emotion. But what Michael Brown's stepfather did went too far. He took advantage of the spotlight that had been on the family and used it to push for destructive ends. He used his position as a grieving step-father in the spotlight to encourage people to commit violence. It is inexcusable.

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