22 December 2014

What ever happened to Grooveshark VIP for $3/month?

Update (1/1/2015): Grooveshark contacted me following my tweets and this blog post. They explained that the deal expired if your account ever lapsed. Apparently, mine did for a couple of days a few years back (unfortunately, there were no "your account is about to expire" emails, either). Fortunately, Grooveshark added my account back into the $3/month (or $30/year) VIP category and all is well again. And now my account is set to renew automatically.

Back in November 2010, music streaming service Grooveshark advertised "Grooveshark VIP" which promised that:
If you sign up for Grooveshark VIP at the current price before December 1, you will never be charged more than $3 a month. Your account will be grandfathered in, and you will have access to our mobile apps—and everything else we ever make.
I signed up then, and have been a Grooveshark VIP member since. However, the $3/month deal seems to have disappeared somewhere along the way. Last year, I apparently paid $50.00 for the year. Now, when I go to renew my account, it's offering $5/month, and the "normal" price seems to be $9/month.

My question is simple: if my account was grandfathered back in November 2010, why is the $3/month price not accessible to me?

With other streaming music options out there, I have no interest in renewing my account if Grooveshark isn't going to honor their side of the deal.
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